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I had my 1996 Toyota Tacoma at the service dept 3 times in a month, and the problem is not only not resolved but is worse than when I originally took it in. They will intentionally milk you of your wages by replacing parts that were probably not defective.

I was never asked if I wanted my old parts, and I was always told "Well, what we've done should fix your problem but it might come back, and if it does, then you'll need a(n).........for only $xxxxxxx". Of course, in this way they cover themselves against any legal recourse. They will simply tell you, "Well the technician did tell you it might not be fixed". I have asked and asked for some assurance or guarantee that the problem will be fixed, or that subsequent work will be performed at no charge to me, and I received arrogance, rudeness and no assurance whatsoever that customer service was paramount.

These guys do not care about their customer service or the quality of their work. Disgusting practice. Big "Thumbs Down" to this company.

Beware of these rip off artists.

Take your Toyota elsewhere.

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Complained about their express service not notifying us that our tires were worn very low. Their customer service manager should not be employed in that position, rude, inconsiderate, and his attitude was "So What" and I even wrote a letter to Mr.

Wheeler complaining, he responded that he will make changes in that dept.

Oh well anything said to appease their unhappy customer. :(


My toyota car had a low tire so I took it in to Wheeler. They said they couldn't see anything wrong with it so they just filled it with air.

The next morning my tire was low again so I took my car to Les Schwab tires, right next door to Wheeler Toyota. They found a huge nail and fixed my tire for free!

Guess where I am buying my tires next time!! :)

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